The Randy Meyer Racing Team delivered a thrilling performance at the 2024 NHRA Norwalk Nationals, showcasing their exceptional teamwork with drivers Julie Nataas and Hunter Green. With the debut of our new sponsor, Hedinger’s Equipment, on Hunter Green’s dragster, the team demonstrated their championship skills on the track, resulting in outstanding drag races.

Hunter Green made an impressive statement by securing the number one qualifier position in the 16-car field, clocking in at a blistering 5.255 seconds at 269.83 mph. Teammate Julie Nataas also proved her mettle, qualifying fourth with a 5.287-second run at 272.78 mph.

In the first round, Hunter Green defeated Kirk Wolf with a run of 5.236 seconds at 266.53 mph. Julie Nataas triumphed over Jackie Fricke, running 5.318 seconds at 273.00 mph.

The second round saw Hunter Green continuing his dominance, beating Mike Coughlin with a 5.272 second run at 268.17 mph. Julie Nataas delivered the quickest run of the entire race, defeating Joe Maynard with an incredible 5.194 seconds at 276.63 mph.



In a highly anticipated semi-final matchup, teammates Julie Nataas and Hunter Green faced off. Julie emerged victorious with a 5.249-second run at 276.41 mph, narrowly edging out Hunter’s 5.269-second run at 270.21 mph in a race marked by nearly identical reaction times.

Julie Nataas advanced to the finals, where she faced Jeff Veale. Despite a strong start, Julie experienced tire smoke and lost traction, coasting to the finish line for her first final round appearance of the 2024 season.

Julie Nataas shared her thoughts on the weekend: “We made great progress in Norwalk this weekend! We got the car out of the 30s. We even got into the teens for a run. Looks like we got the car issues figured out. It’s time to get after it! Proud of this team.” Her enthusiasm and determination reflect the hard work and resilience of the entire team, as they continue to fine-tune their performance and strive for excellence.

Hunter Green echoed the sentiment: “The team and I are very pleased with the performance we put on in Norwalk. You always want to win the whole deal, of course, but I consider a number one qualifier and a semi-final finish a successful and fun weekend of racing. Our toughest opponent came in the semi-final round, who also happens to be my teammate. I’m just happy one of our cars got to compete in the final. That makes five races in a row an RMR car has been to the final round. A lot of the season is still left, but we are on a roll.”

As the Randy Meyer Racing Team prepares for the next race at the Columbus Regional with Gary Pritchett driving, they do so with confidence and momentum. The Norwalk Nationals showcased their talent and determination, setting the stage for more exciting victories ahead.