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NGK Spark Plugs

When it comes to spark plugs, NGK is the World Leader. Makers of spark plugs and oxygen sensors for virtually every automotive, motorcycle, marine, industrial and small engine application, NGK dominates the world market. NGK is famous for the “V-Groove” sparkplug, the Iridium IX sparkplug and platinum plugs. NGK sparkplugs, wire sets and sensors are used for racing, high performance, sport compacts and light trucks.

Lucas Oil

Lucas Oil is one of the fastest growing additive lines in the consumer automotive industry. A premium line of oils, greases, and problem solving additives has helped to firmly establish Lucas Oil as a prominent figure in this marketplace. Lucas Oil also produces a heavy duty line of products for the industrial and agricultural markets.


Technician.Academy is committed to providing world-class online and on-site training to educate the technicians of today and tomorrow. This automotive training, fueled by passion, provides them with the knowledge they need to gain RESPECT in the industry. Because at Technician.Academy, we truly believe Respect is Learned©. It’s our goal to encourage continuous learning through the most up-to-date information, as well as through initiatives and hands-on opportunities.

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