Fun Facts about Top Alcohol Dragsters
  • Top Alcohol Dragsters are the quickest and fastest cars that currently run the full quarter-mile track
  • Run on 95% Nitro and 5% Methane
  • Run the biggest tires made: 17″ Goodyears
  • Have no transmissions or suspension
  • 300″ wheelbase
  • Have wings on the front and rear of the cars to keep them on the ground
  • Use 6 gallons of fuel for 1 pass
  • Accelerate at 3-Gs from a standing start
  • Make approximately 4,000 horse power
  • The current record for the class is 5.11 seconds and 285 MPH
  • Have no extra power additives such as nitrous, turbos, or blowers
  • Driven by men and women, ages 16+
How do I get an autograph?

Send a prepaid envelope that fits 8.5×11″ with a note telling us which Randy Meyer Racing driver you would like an autograph of, and to whom the autograph is to be personalized for.

Send your inquiry to:

Randy Meyer Racing, Inc.
19930 W 159th St.
Olathe, KS 66062

How do I schedule a display?

Email us at [email protected] with your request.


Megan MeyerTAD 5961
National Position
National Points
Regional Position
Regional Points
Rachel MeyerTAD 5488
S/C 5488
Regional Position
Regional Points
Bracket Position
Bracket Points
Julie NataasTAD 8002
National Position7
National Points382

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